Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings have grown in popularity. This is evident in the number of businesses offering retractable awnings as a part of their assortment of home improvement services. When choosing a retractable awning, it is important to weigh the benefits of purchasing a quality product from an awning company against spending money on an unreliable, limited product purchased from your local handyman. 

At Valley Awning and Tent, awnings are what we do and what we know. Our retractable line of products is an integral part of our business, so we know that one mass-produced retractable awning doesn’t meet every customer’s needs.  Providing the best retractable products with the largest selection of models and accessories to suit your needs and tastes is our primary goal. That’s why we offer a wide selection of models and options to ensure our customers get what they need.  We stand behind our products and our work, so all our retractable systems carry a 10 to 20 year framework warranty, a 10 year fabric warranty with hundreds of pattern options, and a lifetime warranty on all seams and hems.  Try to get that kind of guarantee with those other retractable awnings.

Traditional Style Retractable Awnings

"Open" style with hood option

This economical option comes standard without an enclosure for covering the material when in the closed position. They are ideal for mounting under eaves or protruding rooflines. For a slight upcharge the hood option is available for wall mounting where there is no structural protection from the elements.

Open Style Over Back Porch
Open Style Entrance
Open Style Awning
Large Open Style Awning Over Deck

Semi-Cassetted and Fully-Cassetted Models

These models feature a tube that the material rolls into when in the closed position. The maintenance free design keeps the material protected from the elements year-round. This streamlined style is ideal for roof mounting and for minimizing the the visibility of the system when wall-mounted. The semi-cassetted has the arms outside the tube while the fully-cassetted folds the arms inside the tube when in the closed position.

Fully-Cassetted Awning
Retractable Awning
Semi-Cassetted & Fully-Cassetted White & Blue Awning
Fully Retracted Awning
Flat Retractable Awning
Retracted Awning Tube

Special Feature Retractables

Second Pitch

An attractive option for getting shade from the rising or setting sun.

Second Pitch Awning
Second Pitch Awning Pipes

Added Privacy

This model features slide rails that extend the awning to the ground, adding additional shade from the rising or setting sun as well as privacy.

Retractable Awning With Slide Rails
Retractable Awning for Shade & Privacy

Pergola Style

An excellent "all-weather" option, the posts and guide rails assure strength and stability.

Pergola Style Awning
Pergola Style Awning on Back Porch


These double awnings are a great alternative to the wall-mounted retractable awnings. They provide shade where installing traditional style awnings are not possible.

Double Awning
Free-Standing Awning
White Double Awning
Red Free-Standing Awning

Retractable Privacy Screens

Available in a mesh or solid fabric, this product is great for side shade or privacy.

Retractable Privacy Screen for Shade & Privacy
Retractable Privacy Screen